Investigations, Inc.
  • In-house Employer Level Investigations including AOE/COE,
    Subrogation, and Statements
  • In-house subrosa, activities checks and alive-and-well checks
  • Vendor Management services
  • SIU Services
  • Nationwide Coverage
K2 Investigations has been serving the insurance defense community for
two decades.  Our success has been based on aggressive
investigations, the highest quality training standards, and rigorous
customer service protocols using state of the art, proprietary case
management and video streaming software.
  • SAS 70 Type II Certified. data center
  • HIPAA compliant email encryption and archiving
  • Encrypted high defninition video streaming

Investigators are former law enforcement, SIU and claims professionals
Professional AOE/COE investigations team
Diligent prep of subrosa assignments prior to beginning
Flat rate or hourly billing options
Reports in paperless, environmentally friendly, PDF format
Easy referrals via phone, website, Email or fax

    We are committed to excellence in providing professional insurance
    defense investigations through:
                   Education and leadership.
                           Efficiency and customization.
                                   Technology and innovation.
How we are different...
Phone: 714-274-4703  Toll Free: 888-635-2468  Fax: 714-242-1650

California               PI 25391
Washington           603-141-988
Oregon                   55547
Arizona                   1594788
Nevada                   1534
Colorado                 PI-33341
Utah                         P802103
Wyoming                 60961
Idaho                        AMB245
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Insurance Defense Specialists
Sample Subrosa Video
Contact Us:
William Koressel, President
Phone: 714-274-4703  Toll Free: 888-635-2468
Fax: 714-242-1650
Email:  California PI 25391